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Creative Insights

KANT: “ The senses give us only the material of knowledge, while understanding gives us form”.

 How does a person know the world, the mind constructs an image of the world in a way that parallels how an artist creates a picture of it, utilizing a multitude of signs and symbols that create illusions of reality.. the magic of vision and visual art lies in the interplay of illusion and reality, suggested by Braque and Gris.


Helmholtz.. man's lifelong attempt to construct a meaningful world of pictures not only from his sensations but also from his emotions, fantasies, intuitions, deductions, unconscious inferences, and memories. In defining cognition as a symbolic construction of reality, signs, and symbol…both by the perceiver and the artist.


The artist as creator obtains from his unique point of view an individual perspective of reality. It is through the synthesis of his inferences that the processes of the unconscious are triggered. The balance between these two states of mind; the conscious and unconscious form the basis for the rational mind. The rational mind is not directly aware of how the unconscious mind plays its role in the creative process. The interdependence or stasis of this rationale is what solidifies the personality which we call the self/ego. To bring about a shift that will allow creativity the freedom it needs from the cause-and-effect logic of the mind one must call on imagination to spur on intuition to shift the patterning which holds us captive in our effort to be expressive creative beings. This entire scenario eludes the rational waking mind because it has no knowledge of the unconscious and its interaction. What is being perceived by the mind's eye is this incomprehensible interaction between three-dimensional reality and the dynamic reality that exists within the mind itself, this is the part where the magic begins. This is one of the origination points or part of the layering of how the mind constructs a creative ground from emotional content for the creative process.  CATCH 22……..  The other strata of layers are somewhat more perceivable in that they are constructed of a different set of circumstances that are perceived by the consciousness, these are woven from memories, deductions, sensations, and perceptions that we experience as living beings in our everyday life, the other layer that fits in with the prior two are fantasies, unconscious inferences and the imaginative qualities that are but samplings interwoven with the desire to explore the inner processes inherent to us as sentient beings. All this layering is entwined at the same time with logic and rational thought processes that allow us to cope with this internal mysterious soup that we refer to as creativity. It is the precarious balance with an everyday mind that the artist must juggle in order to find the creative ground that is absolutely essential for original works of art. It is within this synthesis of mind/memory/logic/fantasy/ that the artist brings forth the magic of the creative process.

 When one tries to grasp creativity it is gone, it must be nurtured, inadvertently hunted, tempted, loved, and at the same time, it must be allowed to express itself as if it were a thing in and of itself. This is the balance one must find with the ultimate ally CREATIVITY. This is truly stalking the self in its deepest realms one must be prepared to explore and develop an internal relationship interacting with all the different layering and its networking ad infinitum within itself to find the true inspirational power that exists within this conglomeration of self This realm multidimensionality exists outside our physical reality but at the same time is part of our three-dimensional realm. This very relationship which is outside as well as contained in our everyday consciousness is unique in that it is available to us on a whim but is only open to those that know how to access, respect, and entice the folly of freedom by taking by not taking while at the same time sharing and lending lives experiences with the vast creative ground available to all who wish to explore.



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