ECO-MEDITATIONS In Virtual Reality

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

For those unfamiliar with meditation practice, the idea, simply put is to temporarily slow-down and eventually, with practice turn off the incessant hum-drum that chatters through your mind. Meditation practice takes a concerted effort to yield beneficial results, but well worthwhile for those with time, mindset, and focus. Many of us today tend to feel overwhelmed just dealing with our daily lifestyle, let alone trying to make room and commit to yet another endeavor. There is an inspirational and innovative technology, now available, that has the means of immersing oneself within Nature. Virtual Reality takes you to a similar place as a meditation practice. “NATURE”, is the source and means of finding a balance that helps us to create a sense of equilibrium beneficial to our physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being, similar to meditation practice. They say that the most obvious things are the most difficult to see, so it goes with Nature. We find bits and pieces of Nature almost everywhere. Within our homes, we have plants, flowers, windows to see the outdoors, trees in our yards. Parks are created on grand scales, with great efforts, to preserve our most beloved resource/Nature, enabling us to go camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, etc. Urban planners do their best to integrate Natural elements into the feeling of the city through city-parks, bike paths, fountains, etc.

To get the holistic effects of Nature, one must STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, much like we were taught, in our youth, before crossing the street. The idea was, focus on the present moment, so we could safely cross the street onto our next destination. This very same premise applies to experience Nature using Virtual Reality. The beneficial effects one experiences from using immersive Nature-based 360VR videos are as real to our body-mind connection, physiologically and psychologically as if one were truly in Nature.

Before entering the Virtual World, similar to meditation practice, it is a good idea to gather oneself and focus on the present moment and your intention. Slow down, and let the world gently fall away while your virtual-experience is taking place. Allow yourself a certain amount of uninterrupted time, 5-10 minutes whenever possible a few times a day. Should the phone ring or a text message alert be heard just let it go, knowing in just a few minutes you will be able to respond. Award yourself a few minutes each day to enjoy a peaceful virtual journey into Natures realms. The choice is yours; beaches, jungles, alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains, lakes, Alpine forests, Hoh Rain Forest in WA., Enchanting New Mexico landscapes, etc. Listen to the ambient sounds, look around, and let your eyes move or rest where they will. A VR-headset will facilitate your trip, Invirovr provides the content.

STOP LOOK AND LISTEN is the mantra for integrating Natures healing effects.

STOP what you are doing

LOOK all around you

LISTEN to Nature

While immersed in Nature, creating an inner space of calm, and serenity, will be a truly enjoyable experience. Let Nature be your guide.

After each experience take a moment if you like and jot down a bit about how you felt before and after, what memories or insights you had etc. etc.

Take advantage of the PHOTOCREATIVE blog post and share some of your thoughts and feelings regarding your peaceful Eco-Meditative Journey. Write creatively about how and what you experienced during your journey into Nature. If your video had a water element in it, perhaps you want to go back and view the video once again focusing on water and its sounds, try using the inspiration you found in Nature to express yourself in any way it feels comfortable.

1. focus on the light quality

2. notice how the environment feels, wet, dry, soft, hard, textural qualities, etc.

3. pay attention to the shifting light, shadow, time of day, color of the sky, clouds,

4. Look up down and around to better imbibe your environment

5. What does this environment feel like?

6. What memories are brought to your attention, if any?

7. How do you feel now that your peaceful journey is over?

8. Are you ready to revisit this environment or move onto another?

9. STOP LOOK AND LISTEN before moving onto a new experience.

The object is to lower stress and anxiety levels while increasing the feeling of well-being. Leave your daily stress behind and enjoy a peaceful journey into Nature without leaving your home or formally learning meditation practice.

Article by David Hoptman: look to to view the site and over 75 different experiences in Nature. Feel free to email me at with any questions or suggestions. I am open to share my content to those wishing to experiment with this process.

View my fine artworks at some of the links below. The mediums I work in other than photography include; Bronze sculpture, Printmaking, Photogravure, Mixed Media, Ceramics, alternative photographic processes, and more.

Take your time, and feel free to contact me. I will look forward to making your acquaintance.

"INVIROVR suggests fewer carbs and more Nature. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes, twice a day, minimum.

The mission of INVIROVR is to integrate Nature's inspirational beauty and healing properties into the digital landscape.

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