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Gift of Inspiration!

David Hoptman: Photographer, Educator, and founder of Photo Creative Workshops Expounds on the Gift of Inspiration!

Professional photographer/artist David Hoptman, founder of Photo Creative workshops teaches online and offers photo workshops in Santa Fe, NM. David has lived in Santa Fe for most of his adult life. Previously David was teaching photography at the Santa Fe University of art and design, before that living in Italy, David taught photography/Creative Process at two colleges in Florence, Italy. Lorenzo di Medici and Santa Reparata.

The Gift of Inspiration!

David shares his ideas for creatively making photographic imagery/artist statement:

Learn Online or in Santa Fe. Purchase an inspirational gift for yourself or pass it onto a friend or family member. David Hoptman: Artist/Professional Photographer/Educator is an inspirational teacher. Learn to perceive the world around you in a new and exciting way enabling you to better understand the broad landscape of the photographic medium.

Artist Statement: My impetus for making art is to explore the mystery and magic of creative process as a tool and challenge to better understand who I am and my relationship to the world around me. My motivation is to translate and share my experiential relationship with the viewer through the language of light, form, and texture. My goal is to create visual metaphors much like a poet uses the written language. Beyond aesthetic considerations such as color, value, and composition what I strive to reveal through my artistic endeavors is the quintessential nature of the subject at hand

David shares testimonials from a few of his former students:

Quotes from former students:

“Thank you, David.!! That was a special time being with you. You taught me so much that will brighten my life forever!!”

“David is a sculptor, print maker, professional photographer, and university professor. Take advantage of his wealth of knowledge.”

“David was amazing to learn from, he was so inspiring and a great teacher.”

“David is a professional photographer that few people would have the opportunity to learn from in their lifetime. Anyone interested in photography should take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

“When I met David, he sat down with me and discussed my current knowledge and skills in photography to determine where I am lacking. Once I realized his artistic talent, I knew I would see things differently.”

David shares insightful personal quotes used in the teaching the process of photography:

Quotes by David Hoptman

“Image making is understanding that you must compromise, give, take, and make fluid decisions along the way until you release the shutter.

Knowing when and where to release the shutter is the essence of composition”.

“Dropping labels, conditioning, and perceiving our physical reality as forms is the easiest way to learn composition. When you can identify all objects as forms you will have found the key to navigating your way through compositional challenges”.

“There are no failures when involved with the creative process, only experiential ground on which to build, and evolve”.

David shares his photo-compositional mantra:

David Hoptman’s Compositional Mantra:

  • Don’t Lose Your Focus

  • Stop=slow down

  • Look=tune into your environment

  • Focus=on the moment

Learn more about Photo Creative Workshops on their official website:

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Perceptive skills, Imagination, intuition are foundational qualities needed by everyone striving to make harmonious insightful photographic imagery. The key is to slow down, be in the moment, and understand how to work with relationships of space and forms.

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