sen·si·tive adj Sensitivity Creative Process

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

sen·si·tive adj

subtly expressive in one of the arts, susceptible to artistic effects, for example, in music, writing, or painting, tactful and sympathetic concerning the feelings of others, capable of detecting minute changes in levels, conditions, or amounts, volatile and subject to fluctuation, able to respond to transmitted signals, somebody who has clairvoyant or psychic powers

Sensitivity is one of the primary constituents required to prepare the foundation necessary for a creative response to living one’s life and the expression of self. Creative consciousness and sensitivity have an innate interrelationship and it this symbiosis that makes possible the mindset indispensable for one to proceed with innovative endeavors using process as the dynamic to accomplish the challenge of being an artistic personality. Mood, inspiration, desire, and ability accrue a particular homogeneous sense of value in relation to the basic undercurrent of sensitivity.

One needs to assimilate life experiences mindfully to realize a particular level of awareness that acts as a type of internal foundation. Sensitivity is an explicit aspect of this subtle awareness that when delicately nurtured can facilitate the means of processing emotions, reformulating and interpreting them through creative expression in a symbolic language that initiates the aesthetics of form, color, texture etc. to arrive at a mysterious resolution of expression that we refer to as ART. This mode of communication opens up myriad possibilities that transcend all known languages as a direct means of conceptualization.

The profundity of sensitivity is what colors the inner response of the artist, enabling the creation of a nobler set of circumstance to be used to interpret feeling, emotions, needs, desires, shortcomings etc. and at the same time creates an internal dialogue within the psyche that brings forth the release of unconscious and emotional feed-back. When the artist is in tune with this process and the creative aspects of the self, there is a powerful dialogue set up that speaks directly to the viewing audience transcending the sum of the parts creating the possibility of a more direct and higher mode of communication. The psycho-emotional loop that this process initiates can bring to the surface in a more focused way what we as human beings share on a much broader and universal level of interconnectedness. It is within this sensibility that we can become more intimate with the self which allows the anima to defuse the ego of armoring and by doing so we create a less conditioned response to our deepest feelings which allows a more direct channel into our emotional and spiritual core.

Sensitivity colors the basis for the creative process and is the messenger to the innermost recesses that we as human beings cherish as well as the absolute common ground that we relate and identify with, it is this connectivity that binds humanity together and has the ability to transcend, religion, eccentricities, and racial barriers. Sensitivity is obscured by conditioning and it is this consequence that confounds and confuses the imaginative capability that we all possess as unique individuals. The capacity to envisage a robust sensitivity is indeed a basic premise that needs to be addressed if the creative arts are a path that one is going to travel.

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