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1. Open Snapseed and tap the white screen with the cross on it

2. Next…open from device.

3. Select the photo of your choice by tapping it, it will be imported into Snapseed

4. Go to Tools on the bottom of your smartphone screen

5. Tap Tune Image

6. Tap the second icon on the bottom of your screen (between the x on the left and the magic wand icon on the right.)

7. Now you see your editing menu. Tap Brightness and start by swiping your finger right then left as far as it will go in each direction to know your parameters.

8. After Brightness go to Ambiance, which is always a swipe to the right (positive value)

9. After Ambiance go to Shadows, swipe left and right to find the sweet spot. You want to. be able to just barely be able to see the details in the shadows. If you open them too much you will lose the drama of the shadows

10. After Shadows go to Highlight, swipe left and right to bring lost details into the bright areas.

11. After Highlights go to Saturation, Go right to 100% your photo may start looking like a cartoon, go left all the way and you have a black and white image. Find the spot that feels best to you. Keep in mind if there is a skin tone be sure not to make it to orange or red.

12. After Saturation go to Warmth


14. Go back to Tools and find Vignette.

15. Use two fingers spread out on the touch screen to reveal white circle, adjust circle size and apply vignette…

16. Go back to Tools and tap on Details near the top.

17. Structure is +24…Sharpening is +12

18. Tap check mark to Save.

19. Lastly go to Warmth and adjust to your taste. This is a good edit for drama and skin tone corrections.

20. Tap arrow on the bottom left to save your edits.

21. Tap icon on top of the screen with the stack of rectangles and curved arrow.

22. Now you can see your editing layers. Tap the tune image layer or any layer, then tap the tiny arrow after, then the icon you used to bring up your editing menu. At this point your will be able to go back and re-adjust your edits.

23. Tap the top layer so it is highlighted blue, then the x at the top left and then Export. Always Export with Changes You can Undo.

24. Go to your photos on your smartphone, tap albums.

25. Navigate to your newly made Snapseed album to find your edited photos.

26. If you want to re-edit a photo from the Snapseed album, navigate back to the Snapseed app and open it. Navigate to Albums then find your photo in the Snapseed Album. Tap the photo to re-edit in Snapseed.




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