Creativity exists in and of itself and as part of all that is.

Updated: May 10, 2019

Creativity cannot be defined within the realms of science because it exists outside the realm of the physical, but at the same time is part and parcel of the entire interaction of all the aspects attributed to the realm of science. This is the enigma that must be dealt with when dealing with the creative process. It is the dynamics of this matrix that generates without subordinating any aspect of the whole into a reality where creativity can be accessed and at the same time, there is a determinate aspect to the entirety of existence including its very foundation. The totality of existence from the big bang and prior has a play in the very role of creativity, due to the successive interconnection that exists between all that is, was, and will be including the incomprehensibility of that prior, before there was. Everything is in a state of flux and it is this very interaction that gives rise to creativity. Creativity is the driving force for all that is and is responsible for the very evolution of existence itself.

In particle physics you have to convince a committee; you have to get them to believe in your intuition. But it is very difficult to convey a mere feeling. Leon Lederman 1988

Inspiration is a guest that is reluctant to visit the lazy

Piotr Chaikovsky