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Drop The Labels See The Forms

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Forms should reflect and project harmony not confusion.

Applying labels to objects has conditioned us to view the world of forms as lifeless jargon as opposed to dynamic forms interacting with light, shadows, color etc. Labels reduce forms to cold ideologies.

Learning compositional skills is in essence fine tuning your perceptions to the world around you.

There are many other aspects to consider while composing, such as color, light, shadows, camera/lens functions etc. Photography can be as complicated as you would like to make it or as simple as you, please. There is no ready formula available for making great imagery.

Some speak of the rule of thirds I’ve never heard within that rule anything about form. If you divide your photographic imagery with three parallel lines and three horizontal lines, you have nine rectangles within your viewfinder, that’s the rule of thirds. However, when you arrange your forms within the context of the rules of thirds it will be for naught if your forms are overlapping or unnecessarily cut off on the frame’s edges, although you are truly following the rule of thirds correctly. If you’re not addressing the integrity of each form, you’re missing the point.

Everything within our 3-dimensional environment is to be viewed as forms.

Drop all the labels. A tree is not a tree it is a vertical form, sidewalks are not sidewalks but rectangular forms receding into the horizon.


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