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Welcome to Photo-Creative Workshops

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Photo-Workshops for the most part focus on the capture of external imagery before supplying participants the fundamental instructions as where to begin, and how to proceed and trouble shoot along the way. Photo-Creative workshops focus on working with participants using a step by step workflow. Most important is knowing how and where to begin, then continue on with the creative process until you have Made your final image. Slowing down, taking your time and learning to intuit what the environment is presenting you is what you will learn about in a Santa Fe Photo-Creative Workshop.

Next when you are out and about searching for your next photo-op, eventually something will catch your eye, it could be the light, shadows, color or something that makes you stop and take notice. When that moment strikes is when you begin the workflow you will learn in Photo-Creative workshops. Photography like most artistic endeavors has fundamentals that are good to keep in mind. There are many things to consider both technically and artistically. That is why a simple straight forward workflow is so important to both professionals and amateurs alik. Join me in Santa Fe, I will show you the way. There is virtually nobody who can make it on there own without creative and technical input/instructions. It doesn't get much better than right here in Northern New Mexico to get out into the surrounds and explore the light, landscapes while enjoying the delightful city of Santa Fe.

Make the decision and I will be here ready to get you going, on journey that will last life-time.

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